Status Harian

14 Jun 2017, Wednesday
11:01 PM

A 1-year old boy died in an accident. I felt deeply sad reading the news. Then came across this one comment that made me feel sad even more. I felt so hurt and offended that I found myself asking,

"How could you be extremely imbecile by saying that a dead young boy of non-Muslim parents deserves hell when he deserves NOT at all?
How could you allow people of other beliefs hate us even more because they think that all Muslims thought they have the right to play God when it is an exclusive right for the God Himself?
How could you portray my God as cruel, feral as well as evil to His creatures when He is not?"

I have non-Muslim friends whom I dearly love I never wish they experience how horrible and unbearable hell is that no words can describe as much as I myself do not wish to encounter and endure for myself.

You said it was an Ustaz guaranteeing it? If I am able to, I would slap that non-deserve-entitled Ustaz for portraying my God as barbaric as such.