Network Sharing for Qemu via WiFi
How To Set It Up with Tap Device

This is only applicable for having OpenBSD as Guest OS on Arch Linux as Host OS. I created simple bash scripts for all the below steps and then executed them from the terminal:- Done in host OS: Create a tap device and allow permission to the user, set the device up, assign a manual ip address to be used by the guest OS (in my case, it is 192.

A Round-Up

Figure 1: OpenBSD guest under QEMU/KVM machine on Archlinux host. Figure 2: I set up a tun/tap device in my Arch system to let the OpenBSD guest have access to the Internet. The Archlinux host was connected to the wireless point with WPA2-PSK type of security. It rather is easy to let the host OS share its WiFi connection instead of being connected to the ethernet as I can move around freely with this laptop.