[Finalized] Clipboard and Popup (Semantic UI)
Official Snippet Used

In relation to my [1] previous entry of the same subject matter, I finally am able to finalize the code which makes the popup functionality works exactly how I want it to where it brings the following features:- 'Copy to clipboard' tooltip displays upon hovering over the button; Ability to have the button 'auto-' triggered and clicked without having to bring the cursor to the button itself as I utilize Vimium extension for Chromium browser.

Clipboard and Popup (Semantic UI)
An improved experimental tooltip

I don’t know why I am so obsessed about having a tooltip event triggered after successfully copying contents to clipboard with clipboardjs, but I guess it teaches an amateur like me to figure out ways in having this feature improved with trial and error processes. I was unhappy with the previous coding that I finalized with bootstrap, so now that I am having Semantic UI served as the web framework for my blog, I am utilizing its popup module for this particular purpose; tooltips display following a click on the copy to clipboard button.