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VM Arch Linux (UEFI); (LVM2 + XFS) dalam LUKS2 & Btrfs dalam LUKS2
QEMU/KVM (Manual)

Saya sediakan tulisan ini sebagai nota untuk rujukan saya sendiri. I used the command provided in my previous post under Linux (UEFI) to load the Live CD. Walaupun tiada keperluan kerana saya memang sudah menggunakan sistem ini sebagai sistem operasi utama saya, tetapi apa yang saya catatkan ini berguna untuk saya aplikasikan bagi tujuan pemasangan di komputer riba sebagai hos di lain-lain masa. Pun begitu, sekiranya tuan / puan membaca dan menggunakan nota saya ini sebagai rujukan, perlu saya ingatkan bahawa akan ada beberapa perkara yang perlu dilaras mengikut keadaan misalnya sambungan WiFi tidak terpakai dalam VM tetapi ia perlu dikonfigurasi bagi sistem hos.

How to Resize A LVM Partition Without Losing Data With Gdisk
An Alternative to Parted/Gparted

This post is awfully outdated. Warning! Please back up your data prior to doing this. I will not be held liable should you incur any data loss by following this tutorial. This action was done in a VM (QEMU/KVM) and was only tested on a partition formatted as EXT4. I cannot guarantee that it works with other type of formats. Quoted from archwiki: "Warning: While enlarging, a file system can often be done on-line (i.

Install Arch Linux on Virtual Machine With UEFI Support Enabled
A 'How-To' For LVM, with QEMU/KVM

This post is awfully outdated. I honestly am not in the state where I can write a neat introduction for this specific action so I will just proceed to the steps I took for having this successfully done. Brief Notes:- Installation is done on Logical Volume Manager (LVM) partition; Boot loader used is Grub2; This is actually specifically set up to show how to resize a partition without losing any data which will be explained in the next entry.