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Conky di dalam i3bar

Bertukar daripada Font Awesome kepada Emoji Google Noto Fonts. conky.config = { out_to_x = false, own_window = false, out_to_console = true, background = false, max_text_width = 0, -- Update interval in seconds update_interval = 1.0, -- This is the number of times Conky will update before quitting. -- Set to zero to run forever. total_run_times = 0, -- Shortens units to a single character (kiB->k, GiB->G, etc.). Default is off.


#!/usr/bin/env zsh # Send the header so that i3bar knows we want to use JSON: echo '{"version":1}' # Begin the endless array. echo '[' # We send an empty first array of blocks to make the loop simpler: echo '[],' # Now send blocks with information forever: exec conky -c $HOME/conkyrc Rujukan: User-contributed article: Using conky with i3bar Lihat juga: config (i3) conkyrc

config (i3)

# This file has been auto-generated by i3-config-wizard(1). # It will not be overwritten, so edit it as you like. # # Should you change your keyboard layout some time, delete # this file and re-run i3-config-wizard(1). # # i3 config file (v4) # # Please see for a complete reference! #Needed for i3-gaps hide_edge_borders both for_window [class="^.*"] border pixel 3 gaps inner 10 gaps outer 5 bindsym $mod+g gaps inner current plus 5 bindsym $mod+Shift+g gaps inner current minus 5 bindsym $mod+p gaps outer current plus 5 bindsym $mod+Shift+p gaps outer current minus 5 set $mod Mod4 # Font for window titles.