Deploy Hugo Site to GitLab
My Approach

I used to deploy my blog (yes, this blog, powered by Hugo) to [1] GitHub however, I hate the fact that it makes my page repository public and I have to pay in order to privatise it. So, here it comes, the deployment switch to [2] GitLab took place. I referred to the tutorial available in Hugo website, [Hosting on GitLab Pages] and followed the tutorial with a slightly different approach.

Playing with Taxonomies
My Own Way of Learning It

I basically created this blog so that I would be able to retrieve my Arch system configurations in case I mess up with it (like how I previously wiped out the entire disk in an attempt to install OpenBSD on an empty partition), plus I will be able to understand the implementation behind such settings through the description and the details I provided in my posts. I have another backup that I made via [1] vimwiki which I keep in sync with [2] google drive by an application called [3] “grive" however, I find it more entertaining and fun having all these saved in a blog.

Syntax Highlighting and Copy Function in Hugo
Notes for Future Use

UPDATE! I decided to drop the below functions. I just use whatever applicable/available with Hugo Built-in Functions and Clipboard.js. Please refer to the JS section below. SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTING FUNCTION I tried several methods available as described in Hugo documentation for [Syntax Highlighting] function on my blog. My first attempt was the pre-processed server side approach using [1] Pygments, an external Python-based program. I installed Pygments through pip install, not realizing that Arch has it provided under its package manager called [2] pygmentize.