A Round-Up

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Figure 1: OpenBSD guest under QEMU/KVM machine on Archlinux host.
Figure 2: I set up a tun/tap device in my Arch system to let the OpenBSD guest have access to the Internet. The Archlinux host was connected to the wireless point with WPA2-PSK type of security. It rather is easy to let the host OS share its WiFi connection instead of being connected to the ethernet as I can move around freely with this laptop. I created a simple stupid bash script to manually add an IP address for the OpenBSD guest using iproute2 (ifconfig in Linux has totally been deprecated and is now replaced by iproute2). OpenBSD still uses ifconfig (Figure 1 literally shows the manual configuration of adding the IP address and default route by running 'ifconfig' & 'route add default' command in OpenBSD guest, hidden in a bash script). The Figure 2 above shows the connection status before (on the left side) and after (on the right side) I added the tap device.
Figure 3: Unlike FreeBSD, LSCOLORS are not available in OpenBSD by default. I had to install 'colorls' from the package repository and did some other more tweaking in order to have it worked the way I want. That was to edit my .zshrc file (since I use zsh as the default shell) as displayed in the figure above (starting from "export TERM=wsvt25") and add the following line to my .Xresources file:-
URxvt*loginShell: true

Kali terakhir halaman ini dikemaskini/disemak semula adalah pada .