My Must Have Apps on Arch Linux

The Configurations,

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Among the main applications run on my Arch system are:-

  1. The sound utility with ALSA, a set of built-in GNU/Linux kernel modules where it provides kernel driven sound card. Configuration for ALSA which stands for [Advanced Linux Sound Architecture] is set locally by creating [.asoundrc] file. The linked file is what I have as a configuration that enables [1] dmix;
    where it allows software mixing (the ability to play multiple sound files or applications at the same time through the same device) in an easy to use syntax and without the hassle of installing/understanding a new application first.
  2. Vim/Neovim -> The only editor that I use even to manage my blog and write posts (such as this post). I have been switching to [Neovim] [command run as "nvim"] and totally use this editor now. It is a matter of one's preference/choice, really. It does not matter whether you use emacs or vim/nvim or other kind of IDEs. Use whatever suits you best. [This is the link] to my *"~/.config/nvim/init.vim"* file, complete with the vim-plugins settings that I personally use.
  3. A text-based file manager written in python, named [2] ranger (click [this link] for an image). To add a keybind that moves files to a created directory ~/.Trash/ with DD, add the following line to ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf:
    map DD shell mv -t /home/${USER}/.Trash %s

    Some commands then need to be defined following the above example. Add the following entry to ~/.config/ranger/ to empty the trash directory ~/.Trash.

    class empty(Command):
        Empties the trash directory ~/.Trash
        def execute(self):
  "rm -rf /home/myname/.Trash/{*,.[^.]*}")

    To use it, type :empty and Enter with tab completion as desired.

To be updated when necessary.

Kali terakhir halaman ini dikemaskini/disemak semula adalah pada .